Add this line to your application's Gemfile:
gem 'promptjoy-ruby'
And then execute:
bundle install
Or install it yourself as:
gem install promptjoy-ruby


require 'promptjoy-ruby'
client ='your_api_key')
You can find the API you want to interact with by using its URL. You can find the URL in the endpoint field of the API's page:
api = client.find_by_api_url('')
You can also just find the API by its id:
api = client.find('id')
To call the API, pass in the data as a Hash:
response ={
key1: 'value1',
key2: 'value2'


The following example uses PromptJoy to build an API that recommends an open-source software package based on a problem to be solved:
> require 'promptjoy-ruby'
> client ='***********************')
> api = client.find_by_api_url('')
> response ={problem: "queue processing in ruby"})
> puts response
{"software"=>"Sidekiq", "reason"=>"Efficient and reliable background processing
for Ruby", "github_url"=>""}

Error Handling

If an error occurs during an API call, an instance of PromptjoyRuby::Error is raised with a message indicating the nature of the error.
rescue PromptjoyRuby::Error => e
puts "An error occurred: #{e.message}"